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How about a special souvenir for your trip to Hakone or Mt. Fuji?
Stop by Gotemba Premium Outlets®, one of the best shopping resorts in Japan,
and find an exciting souvenir or menu, exclusively sold here.
Please enjoy the wonderful shopping moments.


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San grams Green Tea Only available at Gotemba Premium Outlets® Fuji Premium Tea Original Tea Canister (50g)


The tea comes with a canister, exclusively designed for our Gotemba store. It is designed with the majestic Mt. Fuji which can be viewed from the premises as a memory of your trip to Gotemba. Mt. Fuji and "Fuji Zakura" that blooms around Hakone are also printed on the package. The printing of "御殿場” is the image of the "Gotemba Interchange" sign you see when arriving at the outlet and the "sunset orange" color represents the sun setting after enjoying a whole day of shopping. This package design envisions your shopping experience here at Gotemba Premium Outlets®
"Fuji Premium Tea," a popular green tea blended exclusively by the tea masters of San Grams for the Gotemba store, is available for you to enjoy at home or as a gift. The tea leaves carefully selected by Shizuoka's producers are added to the base of Kabuse tea, rich in flavor, grown on tea plantations at the foot of Mt. Fuji. It is a perfect size to try out the taste.

Laduree Parisienne in Gotemba


To celebrate the store opening at Gotemba Premium Outlets®, Laduree specially has released the original designed gift can of shortbread cookies. Ladies from Paris visiting Gotemba Premium Outlets® are illustrated with Mt. Fuji on the can. The exclusive gift can from the Gotemba store, including 4 flavors of shortbreads with the lovely cover, is perfect for a souvenir.

Laduree Shopping Time Gotemba Ptemium Outlets® Exclusive 6-piece Macaroon Assortment


Exclusive macaroons gift box "Shopping Time" is also a good souvenir from Laduree Gotemba store, with the lovely blue design that symbolizes the clear blue sky and the name "Shopping Time" just fits Gotemba Premium Outlets®.
You can choose what you like from the various flavors and make your own original gift box!

Plaza SNOOPY Soda Candy in Rhinestone Can (Mountain Pink/Mountain Blue)


Looking for a small gift for your friends and family?
PLAZA's exclusive Snoopy candy can with a Mt. Fuji motif design may be the perfect one!
Slide the dazzling lid of the can and enjoy delicious ramune soda candy.
The can can be used as a jewelry box or a medicine box after you finish your candies.
Easy to carry around and will definitely be a great gift.

Pierre Marcolini Marcolimi baked chocolat to go

1 piece ¥440

To celebrate the store opening at Gotemba Premium Outlets®, Pierre Marcolini specially has released the product which can be enjoyed while shopping and walking around on hand.
It is a chocolat cake that is freshly baked one by one at our shop using custom-made molds.
The cake is made using bitter chocolat from Ecuador and Cameroon that melts in your mouth.This product is also available in 4-piece and 6-piece packs which make the perfect gift.


Atami Osakana Syokudou / The Summit Red bream Sashimi Rice Bowl


Kinmedai (Beryx splendens) from the sea near IZU Shizuoka Prefecture prepared as sashimi or tataki slices (seared slices), topped with ikura (salmon roe) and uni (sea urchin), and served on a bed of mouthwatering Hinohikari rice sourced from Shizuoka Prefecture. This Fuji-esque tower brings the bounty of the sea right to your table.

Atami Osakana Syokudou / Deluxe Seafood Treasure Box


These luxurious rice bowls are a perfect match for Gotemba Premium Outlets! Choose from nine sumptuous seafood dishes, including three cuts of bluefin tuna (fatty otoro, medium-fatty chutoro, and lean akami) as well as, crab, sea urchin, salmon roe, scallops, whiskered velvet shrimp, Kinmedai (red bream).
Kinmedai from the sea near IZU Shizuoka Prefecture is fatty and delicious!

Shizuoka Gotouchi Gourmet Express / Fujinokuni grilled pork rice bowl

À la carte : ¥1,078
Set menu : ¥1,298

The signature butadon rice bowl, made with juicy Fujinokuni pork from Shizuoka. Grilled using our original sweet and spicy soy-based sauce inspired by caramelized unagi sauces, these thick cuts are surprisingly tender and full of flavor. Fujinokuni pork was first bred in Shizuoka Prefecture and is known for its quality and consistency. All Fujinokuni pork producers and retailers are accredited, guaranteeing your safety and security. Why not try this signature rice bowl today?

Nihonbashi Menya Maishi Gotemba sea bream ramen with kakiage of Suruga Bay Shirasu (whitebait) and sakura shrimp


Nihonbashi Menya Maishi introduces ramen topped with kakiage for the first time, using plenty of Shirasu from Suruga Bay. The large sized kakiage and salt-flavored sea bream soup is a perfect combination, and is one tastey dish.

Fujiyama Saryou Jumbo Shrimp Mountaintop Soda


Soba from "Fujiyamasaryo" is made from the clear underground water from Mt. Fuji. Presented like Mt. Fuji, lots of jumbo shrimp tempuras are placed on the soba. Enjoy the amazing soba only served at Gotemba Premium Outlets®, as well as the magnificent view of Mt. Fuji.

San grams Green Tea Fuji Premium Tea (green tea) Hot/Iced

Eat in : ¥407
Take out : ¥399
Pack of tea leaves / zipper bag (70g)¥1,728
Pack of tea leaves / small size (14g)¥540

The tea stand run by a Shizuoka tea wholesaler offers exclusive blended tea that you can taste while enjoying the magnificent Mt. Fuji view from "Itadaki Terrace (food hall)". Only a limited selection of tea leaves from Shizuoka's producers are added to a base of Kabuse tea, which is grown on the tea plantations at the foot of Mt. Fuji. Carefully brewed in a teapot, it's definitely a worth to taste.
You can also purchase the tea leaves as a gift to enjoy at home.
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Shake Shake Mt. Fuji Crete

Eat in : regular ¥726
Take out : regular ¥713

The exclusive ice cream "Mt. Fuji Crete" by Shake Shake is produced with the image of Gotemba. Inspired by Mt. Fuji, numerous Japanese unique ingredients are used. Vanilla frozen custard is blended with yuzu-miso (citron soybean paste) caramel, with soy bean powder topping makes this a delicious one.

5% of the sales of "Mt. Fuji Crete" will be donated to the charity partner "NPO Florence".

Shizuoka Gotouchi Gourmet Express Mt. Fuji Roast Beef Rice Bowl


With an image of the magnificent Mt. Fuji, an exclusive Premium Roast Beef Rice Bowl is released at the Gotemba store. Layers of roast beef express the image of Mt. Fuji, decorated with radish sprout representing the foot of the mountain. This artistic dish satisfies both your. eyes as well as your appetite.

Takashimaya Fruits Kitchen Muskmelon Parfait


Shizuoka muskmelons are popular for its high quality throughout Japan. The luxurious parfait with a lavish amount of crown muskmelons (most famous and high quality of the muskmelons) is the must-try exclusive dessert, only at Gotemba Premium Outlets®.

Tamura Ginkatsutei Pork Suki Tofu Katsu Gozen

​​​​ ​​​​​​​


An exclusive cuisine made with tofu specially made by a local food company in Gotemba city. Fuji pork, vegetables grown in Shizuoka prefecture and the underground water from Mt. Fuji makes this special dish "Tofu Katsu", which only can be tasted at Gotemba Premium Outlets®.

Trattoria Tavola Suruga Bay Kamaage Shirasu and Tomato Pizza

​​​​ ​​​​​​​ Eat in : ¥1,630
Take out : ¥1,680

The homemade dough made from finest selected flour and 100% deep water "Arashio" from Suruga Bay, is aged for 24 hours, then baked in a wood-fired oven specially shipped from Napoli. Whitebaits from Suruga Bay and "Issun" tomatoes grown in Shizuoka are added, making this appetizing pizza an exclusive menu at Gotemba Premium Outlets®.
  • Products may not be available depending on the situation such as out of stock.
  • Prices are subject to change.
  • Please contact each store for the latest information.